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Sermon Audio (MP3) Files

3 January 2016 - 27 November 2016

Below are audio files from selected services during the current year

Audio files normally do not have have the music sung/played during the services due to copyright restrictions

Audio files are added as they are processed (usually within a few weeks of the service)

Audio file from previous years, as well as the text of previous-year sermons by Rev. Cynthia Snavely, can be found through the links listed below.

November 27 Stories Can Heal  Eleanor Piez*

The stories that we tell ourselves and each other become our scripts for action. And, our actions create new stories. How do we use those stories to encourage and empower?
*Eleanor Piez currently serves as Intern Minister to the UU Legislative Ministry-MD and the UU Church of Annapolis. She is a student at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA; a candidate for UU ministry; and a longtime fundraiser, grant writer and manager for community-based anti-poverty organizations.


November 6  Restoring and Re-storying Rev Christina Leone Tracy

What is the power of story in helping us re-create ourselves anew? What might a new story for Goodloe mean for our future? How can we restore one another with a good story of hopefulness, especially in the anxiety of the election season wrapping up this week? Come, let's re-story together.

The second half of this service is a commemoration of Karen Lee Scrivo's attainment of Preliminary Fellowship, the penultimate step to Ordination as a UU minister. Karen is a long-time member of the Goodloe congregation. See pictures on the Photo Gallery page.


October 2  Broken Shards of Light Rev Christina Leone Tracy
In the Lurianic Kabbalah story, God puts holy light and goodness into vessels that shatter and scatter everywhere. Our purpose is to put those shards back together. How can we do it? How can we repair the world?


September 25 Moral Duty Ken Shilling
Thomas Jefferson said that Unitarian religion was the future for our country. Many Unitarian and Universalists have worked for public education, emancipation, voting rights for women, civil rights, worker rights, health care, etc. In our day, we are asked to take a moral stand. How are we living up to the inherent promises in our Faith.


September 4 Covenant of the Brokenhearted    Rev. Christina Leone Tracy
A covenant is not a set of rules or a contract. It's a promise that we make, over and over, to come back to community. Not in spite of our mistakes, but because of them. Because we mess up over and over, we need to practice how to come back. 20160904-CoventantOfTheBrokenhearted-RevLeoneTracy.mp3

August 28 Life of Awakening - Growing Edge of Love  Ken Shilling
In our Outward Journey, we frequently meet people with different values, world views, cultural perspectives, religious and political backgrounds. We struggle to relate to each person in accordance with our UU Principles. We must awaken to other "truths" and "ways of being". As we grow in Love, we must know our true self within and be willing to open to include others in our life.

July 3 Letting Go Sid Soderholm
Introduction to monthly service themes, especially the wide range encompassed by "Letting Go". Discuss the many ways we sometimes need to let go, the transition that needs to happen and the opportunity to grow and embrace the new.


June 19 I Think, Therefore I Am, I Think  Cindy Terlazzo
Today's sermon considers the liberating potential contained within our thoughts by exploring questions like - Do our thoughts matter? If so, what are the implications of what we think on our lives and what can we do about the estimated 50 to 70 thousand thoughts that fill our heads each day?   20160619-I_Think-Terlazzo.mp3

Cindy Terlazzo is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York PA. She is a seminarian at the Lancaster Theological Seminary with her sights set on becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister.


June 5 Writing a Novel: A Spiritual Inquiry Richard Morris
Richard Morris describes the spiritual process he uses when writing novels, beginning with a theme based on UU principles and moving from reality into imagination. He will focus on how he delved into the tobacco planting, slave-holding, and Jim Crow history of Prince George's County when writing his novel Well Considered. The PDF contains the slides that accompany Richard's service.  



May 22 The Promise of Pluralism: Our UU Message vs. Our UU Culture  Alethea Shiplett
Persons of color are attracted to the promise and message of UU principles. But UU churches are struggling to welcome them. UU Seminarians of color are entering UU ministry in greater numbers than ever before. But they struggle to find churches willing to call them. Let's examine UU culture and UU promise together.


May 1 What would Jesus Say? Dick Wobus
We explore the teachings of Jesus, looking past the images and the language with which he taught the people of 2000 years ago to understand what his teachings mean for us and for today's world.


April 24 I'm Not Lost, I'm Exploring! Rev. Christina Leone
As we figure out who we might become in the future as a faith community, let's explore together, with openness and determination! We're not lost, we just don't know exactly where we are going, but we'll get there together.


April 17 Intent vs. Impact Alethea Shiplett
What we intend doesn't diminish the impact of what we say or do.
Videos played during the service:

- 48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime: https://youtu.be/9yMFw_vWboE
- Theodicy or Theophany: https://youtu.be/k7w5pYHlWQY
Audio of service: 20160417-IntentVsImpact-Shiplett.mp3

April 3 Don't Want to Sleep Through the Revolution Karen Scrivo
Goodloe member and seminarian Karen Lee Scrivo reflects on her own journey to Black Lives Matter and how she and Unitarian Universalists can remain awake and engaged during this time of social change.


March 27  Easter  Alethea Shiplett

Resurrection for UUs   20160327-Easter-Shiplett.mp3

March 20  Equity in our Covenants Jo Green, Minister in Residence Unitarian Universalist Church of Cherry Hill, NJ

Our second principle promotes “Justice, equity and compassion in human relations.” Does equity mean the same? We aren’t all the same so how do we have equity in our covenants? See what steps we can take to increase equity in our relationships and covenants.  20160320EquityInOurCovenants-Green.mp3

March 6 I Am Not Free  Steve Buckingham

We are all victims of a society that uses differences among people to allocate privilege or disadvantage. Steve Buckingham will use this paradigm to explain how the UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland is pursuing a coordinated, multi-issue campaign to dismantle the structures of privilege and oppression in our state.


February 28  Fire of Commitment Sid Soderholm (with Karen Scrivo and Ken Shilling)

We value being together in spiritual community. We say that we want to set bold new directions for our congregation. Whatever we choose to do, will require the fire of commitment. 20160228-FireOfCommitment-SoderholmEtAl.mp3

February 14 The Most Abused Word in the English Language  Alethea Shiplett
Exploring how the word LOVE is used and abused in our culture and suggesting new words that are more intentional. This is an intergenerational service.   20160214-MostAbusedWord-Shiplett

February 7  Absolute Truth    Dick Wobus
What is the core belief that provides a foundation for the way we lead our life? Members of the congregation are asked to share their "Absolute Truth" which is the basis for their life.   20160207-AbsoluteTruth-Wobus.mp3

January 31 Loving the Hell Out of the World     Rev. Christina Leone Tracy

Community is important but not enough-- it needs to be more than community (community AND...)


January 10, How to be an Ally: Awakening to a New Role in a New World (Inter-generational) Alethea Shiplett
What skills and language are required to live in this new culture? The new role of white people in a multi-cultural society seeking justice. The main discussion in the service is organized around the paper "How to Be an Ally if You Are a Person with Privilege", by Frances E. Kendall, Ph.D. (© 2003), http://www.scn.org/friends/ally.html.


January 3 Education, because Black Lives Matter   Service by Sid Soderholm, presented by Karen Scrivo

Exploring the relationships between education, individual bigotry, and institutional racism that contribute to current inequities. Can love make a difference? Can we be inspired to work to dismantle racism in institutions where we have influence?

The sermon includes references to several graphs and websites.Here are links to the audio file and a PDF transcript that includes the graphs and web links. 

20160103A-Education_BLM-Soderholm.mp3   Education-BLM_Sermon_20160103_transcript.pdf


Sermon Audio (MP3) Files and Sermon Transcripts for Previous Years

The table below contains links to the text of sermons given by Reverend Cynthia Snavely, and to MP3 audio files of services performed by Rev. Snavley and other selected guest speakers

Rev. Snavely was the Goodloe minister until the end of September 2015



Reverend Snavely on The Scholar's Chair

Kalil Shadeed interviews Dr. Mary Baker and Rev. Cynthia Snavley on the topic: Is Religion a Source of Violence?