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Sermon Audio (MP3) Files

8 January 2017 - 2 April 2017

Below are audio files from selected services during the current year

Audio files normally do not have have the music sung/played during the services due to copyright restrictions

Audio files are added as they are processed (usually within a few weeks of the service)

Audio file from previous years, as well as the text of previous-year sermons by Rev. Cynthia Snavely, can be found through the links listed below.


April 2 A Congregation Transformed  Rev Christina Leone Tracy
Through the beloved tale of the Franciscan brother Juniper, we'll hear about how generosity of spirit and "giving away our congregation" actually transforms us into something more real and true. In preparation for our Annual Meeting following the service, come consider how our congregation might be transformed through our actions.


March 26 Loving Our Neighbors Rev.Hannah Roberts Villnave (Guest Speaker)
In religious teachings from around the world (as well as our own Unitarian Universalist teachings), we are called to love our neighbors. However, this is not easy work! Together we'll explore the pitfalls and promises of loving the folks who surround us.   20170326-LovingOurNeighbors-RevRobertsVilnave.mp3


March 5 What Calls Us to Risk?  Eleanor Piez (Guest Speaker - Intern Minister UULM-MD/UUCA)
(Liturgist: Karen Scrivo)
While we strive to live Unitarian Universalist principles as healthy habits in our daily lives, that does not mean we should take for granted any of our routines or desires. How can we recognize and answer the call to change?



February 26 Listening to our Inner Voice Rev Pratima Dharm*
Steve Jobs once said, “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice." Listening to this ‘voice’ defines and shapes who we become as individuals and as a faith community. It also helps us either surmount or continue to be bound to issues of race, ethnicity, gender, social status, family background, political affiliation and past successes or failures. Reverend Dharm speaks on the topic of ‘identity’ and the human spirit’s ability to overcome insurmountable odds from the past in order to remember our inner voices of truth and justice in the present which allow us to discover possibilities of being ‘more’ as individuals as well as a community of faith.


*Rev. Pratima Dharm was the first Hindu Chaplain in the United States Army. She also served as a Christian Chaplain in the US Army and was deployed to Iraq from 2007-2008 where she organized and led several Humanitarian Aid Missions for the Kurdish people in the northern part of Iraq. She served the traditional Protestant Worship Service on base as Associate Minister in 2006-2007. She was also the Hindu Minister for the first Hindu Worship Service at Walter Reed National Military Hospital in Bethesda, 2011-2013. Rev. Dharm introduced President Obama at the White House Diwali in 2011. She retired from active duty service in March 2015. Rev. Dharm is currently a member of Cedar Lane UU Church. She will become Goodloe's minister in the Fall of 2017.

February 5 Leap of Faith Rev Christina
What does Trapeze have to do with being a UU? As it turns out, quite a bit! Let's talk about how to hold on to our identity and also let go of some pieces, as we leap into a very uncertain future, as a nation, a faith tradition, and a congregation.



January 8 Looking Back, Looking Forward   Rev. Christina Leone Tracy

January is named for Janus, the Roman guardian of the intersection of the past and the future. We take this opportunity to reflect on where we have been, and where we wish to go in the future.



Sermon Audio (MP3) Files and Sermon Transcripts for Previous Years

The table below contains links to the text of sermons given by Reverend Cynthia Snavely, and to MP3 audio files of services performed by Rev. Snavley and other selected guest speakers

Rev. Snavely was the Goodloe minister until the end of September 2015