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Periodic Events

Goodloe Coffee House Night (monthly) 

Open Mic - Share Your Talents

The local talent is lining up at Goodloe's monthly coffee house night on the third Saturday of the month, from 7:30 to 10:00 pm. Everyone from age 12 and up is welcome to attend and participate.

Suggested donation: audience - $5, performers $1.

For more information, contact Rev. Cynthia Snavely at 240-475-2111 or

Visit Coffee House Facebook page at

The next Coffee House will be announced soon!

Other regularly scheduled events may be viewed on our Calendar or Small Groups pages.




Special Events and Services

UU MidAtlantic Community (UUMAC)

July 12–18, 2015

DeSales University, Center Valley PA

Over the past twenty years, many people from Goodloe have gone to summer camp at UUMAC, the UU MidAtlantic Community. The theme fits well with our current emphasis on "Inclusion". In addition to theme speakers, there are fun workshops for adults and youth of all ages. Some of fun loving people are posted in the brochure. What to know more? Talk with Hazel, Sid, Laura, Sally, Ken, Ben, Martin, Kelson. Hope you can attend. - Ken Shilling

The retreat will be held on July 12 – 18, 2015, at DeSales University, Center Valley PA. The theme will be “Building Beloved Community, Beyond Partisan Division”, co-lead by Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael and Rev. Scott Sammler-Michael.
You can find out all about the event by browsing the menu of pages on your right.

There is also a full-color brochure about UUMAC 2015 that provides a nice overview, posted here:
UUMAC 2015 Brochure (Front)
UUMAC 2015 Brochure (Back)

Registration is now open! Full payment is due by June 1, 2015.


Schedule for Goodloe Congregational Meetings after Sunday services

Goodloe will have a series of congregational meetings over the summer. We will have multiple meetings so everyone can make those meetings that fit their summer vacation schedule. We will have a variety of formats of large group discussions, one on one private chats with board members, and emotionally calming explorations.

BUDGET - The board will present a balanced budget starting point on 28 June. After we discuss various options, the board will present a recommended budget on 9 August. If we need additional time, we will schedule other meetings in late August.

CHAT - If you prefer, you can talk with a board member one on one after church or by phone. Board members will be available on 5 July and 2 August for these conversations after church.

EXPLORING - Over the summer, we will explore our various ministries (caring for ourselves and others). We will explore our visions for the future. We will explore our options for professional ministry.

PRIORITIES - Some of our choices may be clear. Some of our choices may require some tradeoffs (based on our new vision, we need to do more of this, and less of that; and we adjust our budget accordingly). We will express our willingness to commit to preferred visions and options.

GOING DEEPER - We want to serve each other with grace. During these sessions, we will practice active listening to what another person has to say. We will discuss calm and kind ways to effectively express our points of view in a way that the other person may hear.

28 June BUDGET, Summary Professional Ministry Options Meeting, and Schedule

5 July CHAT with board member Express your ideas

12 July EXPLORING our Ministries More information

19 July GOING DEEPER Serving with Grace

26 July EXPLORING What we need to do PRIORITIES

2 August CHAT with board member Express your ideas

9 August Recommended BUDGET and PRIORITIES, based on previous discussions

16 August GOING DEEPER Serving with Grace

23 August (if needed)

30 August (if needed)